The Healthy Ewe Handmade Soap

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Here's how to get in touch with your soapmaster:

Telephone: 717-848-9890
By mail:  2201 Teslin Road, York, Pa 17404-1638.
Remember if you wish to send your order by e-mail first do not send payment until I get back to you. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! I will contact you with all the details. You can also use the e-mail link above to send any special requests or ask for information.


See "The Healthy Ewe" in the flesh. It will be a pleasure to discuss your personal skin care. And while you're at it, how 'bout picking out an already gift-wrapped soap for that special someone at any of my scheduled show dates.

Sunday May 1, 2016 Fort Hunter Garden Faire, Harrisburg, PA
A big hearty shout-out to all the brave souls who came out to Winter Faire, May Day 2016. So brutally cold , all I can remember is other years held a week later when it was sunny and warm! Bad news,  Frown , maybe no different weather next Sunday either.

Friday, November 11 & Saturday, November 12, 2016
Winters Heritage House Museum, Elizabethtown, PA
Let's all do better this year !

Hope you're having a Healthy Day!

The Healthy Ewe Handmade Soaps
What your skin deserves naturally!